Group to deliver over 1000 bags to doorsteps of homes in African American low-income areas

Published: Aug. 28, 2020 at 8:00 PM EDT
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NORTH CENTRAL, W.Va (WDTV) - A ’gift of love,’ that is what volunteers are calling the relief bags they will be distributing to families that were affected by a church based gathering back in March.

Over 1000 bags will be filled with nonperishable items. The ’gifts of love’ will then personally be delivered to the doorsteps of homes in African American low-income areas.

“This is a large undertaking. It’s going to go to eight different communities in three different counties,” Commissioner and organizer, Romelia Hodges said.

It’s all being done through the Amy R Convoy of Hope, a faith-based nonprofit that provides food and supplies to those in need.

Hodges says assistance is what the community needed back in March, but they are glad to provide something now.

“At that time, the African American communities were suffering in silence because nobody ran to our rescue to support us or to even tell us that we had a community spread,” she said.

Now volunteers of the black community are helping to break the silence and help those who are still suffering from the effects of the pandemic.

“The gifts of love, the packages, are just that sign we are doing everything that we can to give assistance and give aid to those people who need it,” said volunteer, Tiffany Walker Samuels.

“I’m a firm believer in treating people how you want to be treated, so I felt like if I would be in a situation of need I would want somebody to help me,” another volunteer, Lydia Bailey said. “If I can be there to help, i’ll help,” she said.

To provide communities with the ’gifts of love’ Hodges said it required help from others. The Marion County Commission and Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs (HHOMA) helped provide a space for the group to put together the bags and provided volunteers with lunches, followed by many others who helped contribute to the cause.

Over the weekend the bags will be distributed. Anyone looking to volunteer can reach out to Romelia Hodges on Facebook.

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