Those in the Morgantown area step up for family affected by car accident

Published: Sep. 1, 2020 at 8:56 AM EDT
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - After a tragic accident in the Morgantown area on August 19, two women wanted to step in and help the family involved in any way they could.

Mandi Hall DeSantis and Dana Musick are friends and former classmates with Carrie Coleman, one of the people involved in the accident and is currently in the hospital. Her husband Richard Coleman was also involved in the accident but died due to his injuries, according to the Monongalia County Sheriff Department. Now their children wait anxiously for their mother to be released from the hospital.

“Your first instinct is I want to be there, I have to go be with Carrie and the family but we can’t,” Musick said. “We’re limited to what we can do so the next best thing is to help support the family,” she said.

“When this first happened, I had the idea to come together with the family and get them some groceries,” DeSantis said.

From there, the idea to help grew and word got around quickly after the two shared the idea on Facebook.

Now they are putting together a raffle drawing and a spaghetti dinner that is set for Sept. 27 at Classics III in Sabraton, to continue raising funds. Both women say the amount of involvement exceeded their expectations.

“There’s a ton of places that are on our list that have donated,” DeSantis said.

Like Wilson Works who is donating a fire ring, Shalane Koon with Thirty One, Briana Casino is making beads or a tumbler, Kelly Webber is donating a home decor item, Greg Richardson with Powers Motors LLC is donating an oil change and tire rotation, JT Redman with Redman’s Pound 4 Pound gym and many more are getting involved to help with the raffle drawing or donations in general.

Through the help they’ve received, they will be able to raffle off $1000 and what has been provided by local businesses.

“It’s amazing, you know, not only daily are we amazed with Carrie’s progress, but the phone calls and the messages that we get daily from people wanting to help, people we know, people we don’t know,” Musick said

With all of the help they’re receiving, they say it allows them to take away any of the families worries, which is their overall goal.

“We’ve tried to kind of think of everything that way they don’t have to,” Musick and DeSantis said.

To find out more information on the raffle, the spaghetti dinner or how to and what to donate, you can message Musick or DeSantis on Facebook. Masks ($8) and decals ($10) can be found here.

Donations are being accepted until Tuesday, Sept. 8. The women will begin selling raffle tickets next week.

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