Carli Reed murder trial continues

Published: Sep. 18, 2020 at 6:09 PM EDT
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PHILIPPI, W.Va. (WDTV) - Today is the third day of Carli Reed’s Trial. Reed is accused of allegedly shooting her then husband, Marcus Fagons, in August of 2019.

Those who spoke at the trial today knew Marcus Fagons well. The trial got into who he was as a person, the relationship he had with Reed and the buildup to the incident.

Fagon’s brother, a close family friend and one of the women Fagons allegedly had an affair with took the stand to describe their relationship with Fagon. All three of them shared common knowledge of Reed and Fagons relationship. They each mentioned that the couple argued a lot and sometimes it would turn physical.

Two of the witnesses witnessed a fight between Fagons and Reed and say that Reed and Fagons were arguing about a snapchat account allegedly being created without Reed’s knowledge which upset her. During that argument, witnesses say it did turn physical and Fagons brother intervened.

Fagons had talked about getting a divorce, but was a little nervous to do so because he was in the middle of fighting for custody of his daughter and was allegedly threatened by Reed who told him he would lose everything, according to witnesses.

Two of the witnesses said they did speak with Fagons the day of the incident and one of them said they were communicating through Facebook messenger. Fagons had told the witness that he loved her and she said, “I love you too bro,” and she said he never saw the message.

It was revealed that the two were married for three years.

Reed used to work for the FBI and Fagons was a corrections officer at the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

On the day Fagons was shot, Reed allegedly told the state trooper who questioned her that she was the one who shot her husband. She also told officers that she and Fagons got into an argument prior, according to the original complaint.

Reed is on trial for first degree murder.

Yesterday’s trial focused on setting the scene for the jury about what took place from the perspective of law enforcement and Reed’s parents. They also spent time discussing her medical records in court which indicated that she had suicidal thoughts of potentially hurting herself or her husband. Her lawyers indicated this could have been the motive behind her alleged actions.

WDTV will keep you updated as the trial continues.

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