Fairmont woman charged in connection to hit-and-run accident

Published: Nov. 19, 2020 at 4:59 PM EST|Updated: Nov. 25, 2020 at 4:39 PM EST
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Updated Story (Nov. 25., 4:29 PM):

Angela Marie Raschella, 59, was arrested and charged in connection to a hit-and-run accident on Nov. 18.

Raschella, of Fairmont, is charged with “crashes involving death or personal injuries,” according to the police report.

Original Story (Nov. 19., 5:31 PM):

Six-year-old Josh “Junior” Wright was enjoying a bike ride on Wednesday at 5th and Walnut in Fairmont when his ride was cut short. he was hit by a vehicle, the driver immediately drove away.

“His step-dad called me and told me I needed to go to Fairmont emergency room, then on the way told me I needed to get to Ruby,” said Cassie Parsons, Junior’s mother.

Home security footage obtained by 5 News shows a Chevy Equinox flying down the road with Junior’s bike still stuck to the grill.

Fairmont Police say they are are looking for a Chevy Equinox LT with damage in the lower grill.

Junior, having spent the night at Ruby Memorial Hospital, is back home and as spry as ever.

“They said he didn’t have any internal bleeding no spine damage. Just road rash and bruising” said Parsons.

Junior is ready to get back to being a kid and is already asking for a Paw Patrol Bike.

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