More than a bump in the road: Upshur County resident calls for road maintenance after fatal accident

Published: Nov. 30, 2020 at 5:28 PM EST
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - An Upshur County resident says that the road he lives on is in bad condition for traveling. After a tragic accident on Thanksgiving Day, he’s asking for something to be done.

Bull Run Road in Buckhannon is nearly impossible to drive on.

One resident who lives on the road says that he’s been trying to get someone to come out and fix it for years, or even to just place a sign warning drivers about the condition.

“It’s just a rough road. We’ve had people knock on our door all hours of the night to come and get them pulled out or to call somebody,” said Upshur County resident Garry Duffield.

On Thanksgiving Day, the call was made to first responders after a car had gone off the road entrapping 3 people, according to the report, sending all of them to the hospital and leaving one person dead. This is why Duffield is saying something needs to be done now.

“I just think it’s really bad that someone had to die on a backroad on Thanksgiving day,” Duffield said.

District Seven Manager Brian Cooper says in the unmaintained area where the accident happened, it is considered state highway, so the county doesn’t have the ability to do anything, it is up to the state. However, after hearing from residents they are now considering putting signs up on the county portion of the road warning drivers that the road is no longer maintained beyond the smooth part of the road from each end, all other decisions have to be made by the state.

“It’s really muddy and water is running in the road just across from my house because the creek runs in the road and then back into the creek bank,” continued Duffield.

With the issues that are present, it’s causing more than just any old bump in the road.

No further information about the fatal crash has been provided by West Virginia State Police at this time.

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