Poor road conditions creates obstacles for residents

Published: Jan. 25, 2021 at 6:34 PM EST
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CLARKSBURG, W.Va (WDTV) - The size of the multiple potholes on a road in Clarksburg seems to match the sizable concern a resident has about the condition worsening.

“You basically have to pick which one you’re going to hit and hope it’s not a bad one,” said Tracy Fitch, a resident living on Dawson Mine Road. “It’s literally so bad right now that there is literally not room for one more hole in this road.”

Fitch is calling for a solution.

“The state road has come out, they’ve graded it, they’ve thrown some gravel in the pot holes,” Fitch said.

Nothing has been a permanent fixed and Fitch says she has contacted the DOH and has made it onto their road repair list. A WDTV reporter called the office to find out the status, but have yet to receive an update.

“I’ve even said to them, just bring out some gravel and I’ll do it,” Fitch continued.

Over the last three years, Finch claims this road has caused about $600 in damage to her vehicle.

As her frustration continues, so does her worry about her son who is of special needs and has to take the bumpy ride to and from school. She worries that soon the bus driver won’t be able to make it down the road because of it’s condition.

“She’s probably going to want to say to me tomorrow, I’m not coming down here,” she said.

As the list of issues continues to grow, Fitch is only hoping for at least a temporary fix until something more permanent can be done to smoothen out the bumps in the road.

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