January’s Home Town Hero: Rick Heim

Published: Jan. 27, 2021 at 6:29 PM EST
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You may know Rick Heim for his work at Trailer City, or maybe as an outdoorsman, but now you should know Rick as a Hometown Hero. Rick was anonymously nominated for the award after donating his time early in the COVID-19 pandemic. He volunteered to deliver needed items to over one-hundred strangers who were unable to leave their homes.

Rick just started all on his own reaching out to people who might be shut in because of their pre-existing conditions or their age or whatever who weren’t able to go out and get groceries or other supplies. We just thought that was extra special.

Rick wasn’t looking for the recognition.

“We were kind of closed down so I didn’t have anything to do. I knew there were people out there that needed help. I delivered to about three counties. Kept me hopping for about ten days. I didn’t want any recognition. I didn’t want it even tied in to Trailer City. I gave them my cell number. People would ask me my last name, I would just say, ‘My name’s Rick,’ that’s all,” said Rick.

He says helping others is gratifying.

“I think anytime we can reach out and help people it’s nice to do. It’s better to give than to receive, that might be trite, but it is a feel good thing. I’m glad I did it,” Rick continued.

The Manchin Injury Law Group donated $250 to the Marion County Humane Society in Rick’s name.

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