Tasty Tuesday: Chaang Thai

Published: Mar. 23, 2021 at 5:08 PM EDT
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - 5 News visits Chaang Thai for some authentic Thai food.

Owner of Chaang Thai Raj Sundaram says the restaurant got its start when his wife Pookie went to work at her cousin’s restaurant.

“My wife was highly inspired, she learned a lot and she started looking at ideas at owning a restaurant. She learned a lot and got a lot of motivation from her cousin and she came back and said she learned a lot and I have enough knowledge now to open,” said Sundaram. “Do you think you and me should try opening up a restaurant? So, it just started as a casual conversation like that and within 6 months to one year we were pretty sure we wanted to open a Thai restaurant. We had the knowledge, and the thing was to just find a nice town.”

He says he did a lot of research before opening the restaurant and says he knew he wanted to go to a college town because this kind of food, Thai food, works really well with the younger crowd.

Sundaram recommends the Thai BBQ chicken. It’s one of the Thai foods that is not even so popular that even if you go to Bangkok, you may not find it. It’s mostly popular if you go to the northeast part of Thailand, like Chaing Mai, and certain other areas of Thailand. This BBQ chicken with the spicy tamarin base sauce which is always served with the popular Thai sticky rice.

The ecommerce, delivery, or pickup kind of experience is never going to as satisfying as eating a freshly cooked meal at a restaurant. It comes to your plate after 1 minute of coming off the stove, and something that fresh can never replace sitting down and eating. So I hope those experiential things come back, listening to some live music, having a draft beer and eating absolutely freshly cooked food.

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