Where are they now: Austin Pollack

Published: Mar. 24, 2021 at 6:06 PM EDT
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Once a journalist starts their career at WDTV, it eventually becomes your home away from home.

Austin Pollack, who is now an anchor at WITN, says he was like a lot of people graduating from college. He planned to move anywhere for a job.

Pollack was interested in baseball play-by-play and was calling games for a team that was in the same league as the West Virginia Black Bears before he found his home in North Central West Virginia.

“I spend a good bit of time in Morgantown, loved the area and I remember when the season was over, I was looking for reporting jobs and saw one in Bridgeport,” said Pollack. “I always loved the people in Morgantown and I always felt at home and it was comfortable.”

Pollack got the job at WDTV and spent almost 4 years reporting and anchoring the evening newscasts. He says he covered so much throughout his time from two teacher strikes to the Lena Lunsford trial in Lewis County. But Pollack says there is one story that he will never forget.

“There was a student at Robert C. Byrd High School, who had this incredible bond with the high school baseball coach,” said Pollack. “The student has downs syndrome and there was a video and the coach let the student up to the plate, round the bases, and score. It was such an incredible moment for that student, that coach, that team, that community.”

Pollack says a lot of lessons were learned while working in Bridgeport. Lessons that he says will carry on throughout his career as a journalist.

“When I started at WDTV, I felt so lost I did not know where I was going, I didn’t know how to manage my time. I think you really

learn in a way by failing,” said Pollack. “It was an opportunity to make my mistakes, learn from my mistakes, correct them, make sure you don’t do them again.”

It’s almost been two years since Pollack made his jump, but he says there will always be a piece of West Virginia wherever he goes.

“There are people that I worked with at WDTV, and I still talk to them easily every single day,” said Pollack. “They’ve become my best friends; They will be my best friends, I believe forever.”

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