Where are they now: Mariah Congedo

Published: Mar. 31, 2021 at 6:00 PM EDT
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WTOC Weekend Morning Anchor and Reporter Mariah Congedo has been working in Savannah, Georgia since 2019. Before she moved, she got her start here at WDTV three days after graduating from West Virginia University. Congedo did not know where she was going to go, all she wanted was a station close to home where she could get her foot in the door.

“When I was applying for jobs, I did not apply a whole lot because I didn’t know where the good areas where,” Congedo said. “I didn’t have a specific place I wanted to go.”

Congedo covered several stories in Monongalia and Preston counties during her time at WDTV. One topic she was passionate about was road work in the state and the impact it made on residents.

“One of the biggest ones I did there was a huge road slip that was five feet deep and 20 feet long,” Congedo said. “I got to talk to Governor Jim Justice and asking the tough questions made me realize what a reporter really is.”

Along with road coverage, she says there are two stories she reported on that she will never forget. One was the Morgantown python.

“That 15-foot python that people were going crazy, that story was so wild,” Congedo said. “I thought, wow how often does this happen.”

Congedo also covered the death of Whitey Bulger at the federal prison at Hazelton where she had the opportunity to report for Inside Edition.

Congedo says she is thankful for the time she spent at WDTV.

“Prepared me to just know how to work in a newsroom and you also have to know how to be a team player,” Congedo said.

And learning how to stick together in the newsroom and being a team player, Congedo says WDTV gave her friends that stuck with her through the good and the bad.

“Some of my best friends are from WDTV and even after leaving we’ve been able to maintain the friendships, ‘Congedo said. “I really have to thank WDTV for the getting me here, for being a great first job and a start to my real-world journey.”

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