Tasty Tuesday: Sweet-A-Licious

Published: May. 4, 2021 at 6:18 PM EDT
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If it’s Tuesday, it has to be be Tasty Tuesday! This week Chief Meteorologist Kevin Corriveau visited Michelle Jack at her Buckhannon shop Sweet-A-Licious ice cream shop.

This is how Michelle says her shop began. “Well, I had been working for the federal government for 27 years and they had been talking about offering an early retirement option. Didn’t know the status of that and went on a wing and a prayer and took the lease and opened the shop in October of 2017 and it has really been a love of mine. My family grew up going to a local dairy called Phillips Dairy. And it was a treat, there were 4 kids in our family, and it wasn’t something that we did all the time. Always really good memories of doing that. And I just wanted to have a place where you could come in and sit down, have a peaceful and nice atmosphere, family-oriented and relaxing.”

Michelle says the pandemic made owning this shop very difficult and when they first got the orders to cease operations as an in-person business, they went to a deliver/carryout only. She says she had to let all her staff go.

“I often thought of my uncle who was a patient at the VA nursing home. I knew they were locked in and I knew all those facilities were locked in and were really struggling. And it was put upon my heart to do something for people in nursing homes, so I went to my community which is great to support things like that and we did a PayPal and I raised enough money to go to all the nursing homes, the third floor of St. Joseph’s hospital and the VA nursing home 2-3 times and I delivered ice cream to each patient at the facilities. And from that, I hear a lot of kids come into my shop and talk about how they are in school, not in school, and virtual and it’s a hard time. So I wanted to do something nice for them. I reached out to the school board and I said, could I possibly take my ice cream truck “Sweetie”, to each of the schools and provide the students and staff ice cream treat. And they agreed. Next week will be my final stop on that, and I will have served 4000 students in Upshur County,” Michelle said.

Kevin had an amazing donut sundae, warm donut, vanilla ice and caramel sauce and says it’s to die for!

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