Tasty Tuesday: Farm Up Table

Updated: May. 25, 2021 at 11:27 AM EDT
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If it’s Tuesday, it has to be Tasty Tuesday, and Chief Meteorologist Kevin Corriveau loves his comfort food. This week he went to Farm Up Table to get a bite. Farm Up Table is on Front Street in Thomas, WV.

Tiffany says she was a chef for a long time when she was in her twenties. She went to culinary school in Baltimore, but didn’t work in restaurants for awhile to raise her daughter.  She said they decided to move to Thomas 13 years ago. “I always cooked for my friends and family and I always dreamed of brick and mortar restaurant,” she said.  “My husband found this company that did custom food trucks and it was the most economical way to break into the brick and mortar. And there were no food trucks around here, none.  It was kind of innovative, and I liked to be first at everything.  I said ok, lets to it.  So that’s how Farm Up Truck came to be.”

People in droves came to the truck and they like that whole experience, standing on the street and ordering.

When you walk up to the restaurant, it says “Comfort Jazzy Food” and Tiffany says, “I came up with that, this is cliche, I was in the shower, but because we were broadening our horizon with brick and mortar, what do I want to say to my customers.  What kind of food do I want them to know I cook.  I love jazz, I love New Orleans, I love that kind of melting pot. To me jazz is the best interpretation of that creative license for food.  So I love comfort food, so why not Jazzy Comfort Food.”

“I took my love for southern food with the New Orleans influence with the African and Cajun and creole and even Cuban, and my husbands family is from Spain so there is a little bit from that,” Tiffany continued.  “So, just that melting pot with the classics, and that’s how my menu goes. And I love French food of course, so there is that technique there is that in there with my culinary background.”

The food is absolutely amazing!  Kevin ordered the pickled pig Cuban, which has pork shoulder, ham, cheese, homemade pickles that are made on the bread with mayo. Next is hand-cut fries as well as the shrimp that is sautéed in butter.  When its done, its put over the fries and tossed with the butter and topped with Parmesan cheese.  Really good, really different.  You can taste the shrimp as well as the butter.

Then we have chicken and waffles with maple syrup infused with jalapeños. Also, this water Kevin was drinking, Le Sage, is the only bottler in North America for the sole purpose of employing people with disabilities. So great shout-out to them as well.

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