Trial starts for man accused of killing WVU student

Updated: Jun. 8, 2021 at 6:09 PM EDT
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - The trial for one man accused of killing a WVU student started Tuesday in Morgantown.

Two men were accused of killing WVU student Eric Smith. Terrell linear, who was the co-defendant involved, plead guilty to first degree murder last week.

During Tuesday’s trial, the focus was on Shaundarius Reeder and his alleged involvement in the murder that took place inside the College Park apartments in February 2020.

Opening statements were read from both the prosecutor and the defense attorney. In this case, the defense attorney says there was no evidence of Reeder every having possession of the gun that shot and killed Smith. However, the prosecutor says video evidence, which will be shown to the jury, shows Reeder’s alleged involvement.

Two witnesses were also called during Tuesday’s trial. The first was a transfer student who had just come to WVU and was with Smith the night of the alleged murder. She claims that she and her friends had gone out that same night in downtown Morgantown and when leaving, their designated driver also offered to take home both Linear and Reeder.

The student says as they were driving home, the two defendants got into an argument with Smith about who had the most money and owned better vehicles. This then lead to the tragic moment minutes after Smith was inside his apartment. Linear and Reeder allegedly came in after him and shot Smith multiple times.

This testimony from the student was followed by a WVU police officer who explained evidence that followed the students storyline. The officer took the jury step-by-step through what he did when he arrived and explained his findings at the College Park Apartment complex.

The trial is set to continue throughout the week.

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