Tasty Tuesday: Cody’s

Published: Jun. 29, 2021 at 6:27 PM EDT
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You know what day it is, it is Tuesday, so that means its Tasty Tuesday, and this week, on this beautiful day in Bridgeport, we wanted to try some local and seasonable meals, so we went to Cody’s to check it out.

This is what Cody Thrasher says about his business: “When I was in High school my first job was a pizza place here locally, on Bridgeport Hill, and I ran that entire kitchen with another guy. And I just kind of like the fast-paced nature of it.  Went to school, but not for food, that was just always my side job. Left school travel, bounced around a little back, came back.  Went to Barnes and Noble and bought a cookbook from the culinary institute of America, read it, taught myself, got on YouTube and taught myself some more, opened a food truck and went from there.”

He goes on to say, “It’s very unexpected, to myself and the staff. It’s a great nod, people wanted something new and it was something I was interested in.  The combination of why we do the things we do on the menu is not only from what I like to eat, what I like to cook, what’s visually appealing but most importantly is what’s in season. As we spoke about earlier, a watermelon in December has no flavor, but one in July is amazing. So that is what helps shift and choose what we put on our menu depending on what’s in the peak season for that individual ingredient.”

This time we tried a Kung Pau Chicken with roasted sunflower seeds, different nuts, and a deeply infused oi. Cody says, “We’ll also do a crispy pork noodle with a nice honey glaze that was actually made by my souse chef and did a great job. We’re going to have that over rice noodles, it’s a light dish, it’s sweet and spicy, crunchy and really colorful. So when it’s served it looks just looked fun to eat.”

This is Cody’s story behind the art pieces on the restaurant walls: “I chose all the art here myself and my mother owns a small art gallery and framing shop, she does still life watercolors, and her name is Lotus. And I chose whatever art I wanted from a preapproved list she gave me.  These are actually prints, and she went over them with a clear lacquer and painted them by hand, so they look like they have a 3d texture and look like they were actually painted.”

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