Tasty Tuesday: My Little Cupcake

Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 11:47 AM EDT
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If it’s Tuesday, then it’s got to be Tasty Tuesday, and this week we were looking for something a little sweeter, so we came to My Little Cupcake in Bridgeport.

What was the force that determined that you two were going to do this?


“We have been baking together since high school.  We tried a lot of different recipes, and they never really turned out, but we got better with it.  Then we had our son and we wanted to find a good cake for him to have.  And we looked at different bakeries, and thought “we can do that” and then from there friend and family asked us to do cakes and it just escalated from there.”

What are some of the most popular cupcakes that you sell?


“Probably salted caramel is one of the most popular. Then from there, each flavor has its own group of people.  Banana cream pie is a popular flavor with a certain group.  And we know if we have a certain flavor we are going to see certain people to get that flavor.”

When you were coming up with flavors and you thought about one that absolutely failed or said we wouldn’t do that again.


“We haven’t had any that absolutely failed, but there are some that we only do so often.  Maple bacon, some people absolutely love it, they ask ‘can I have it, can I have it, can I have it?’ But then there are some that won’t touch bacon in a cupcake, even though it tastes just like pancakes and bacon.  Sometimes when we create a cupcake, we think about an ice cream flavor we’ve tried and then we try to recreate it in a cupcake.  Doesn’t’ always work the best, but we like to try it and people like to try new things. Maybe it doesn’t sell every day, but it’s definitely something to put in the case, something different.”

What makes these cupcakes stand out?


“We bake these cupcakes fresh every day. As far as the recipes, there has been a lot of trial and error.  What works, what doesn’t.  And Frankie is very precise on baking with the measurements. We’ve been doing this for 7 years, and we can take our base flavor and we can add different things to it.  Like the lemon cake, we can zest some lemon and add some lemon juice.  Then we’ll back some liquid so that it doesn’t shrink on us.  But we do bake fresh every day and that makes the biggest difference.”

Without giving any secrets, what would you say to somebody watching, would be one thing that would make their cupcakes better?


“Use real butter. We make our buttercream in-house.  And if you like buttercream icing, don’t skip out with the fake stuff, it makes all the difference.”

Salted or unsalted butter?



What are your favorites?


“I am a classic vanilla person.  Like I told you, if I can’t do a vanilla or chocolate cupcake right, I shouldn’t be in this business. So I am more of a classic.”


“Banana Cream Pie, that’s my favorite.  Number 2 would be the strawberry crunch.”

If you go to My Little Cupcake you can get what’s called the lunch box. It comes with the pepperoni roll, a cupcake of your choice, a bag of chips, and we’ve also a lemon Macron.  First of all, take a look at the pepperoni roll, it’s kind of unusual. Of course, West Virginia, home of the pepperoni roll. But, look how it’s rolled up, kind of different from your average roll. You get pepperoni all the way through it, made very similar to their cinnamon roll too.  That’s really good. The dough is a little bit sweeter than a regular pepperoni roll.

Now depending on the day you come, there will be a different selection of cupcakes in the case. Today, luckily they have their most popular, the caramel salted cupcake.

So if you go into other bakeries, you may see little cookies called macrons, much smaller than this.  This is a big one, kind of like a whoopee pie, and this one is lemon.

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