Tasty Tuesday: Duke’s Steakhouse

Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 10:42 AM EDT
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If it’s Tuesday, it has to be Tasty Tuesday. This week we’re in Elkins visiting Duke’s Steakhouse and owner DK Golden-- one of the most colorful women and owners of restaurants we’ve met so far.

DK Golden, thank you so much.  First of all, we’ve already taken a tour around, and we’re going to talk about the pictures in a moment.  But let’s go back to when you came into the picture.

DK Golden: “That was in the ’80s, I’ve been here 36 years and I started in the second Duke’s which was under the overhead bridge.  I started there starting as a dishwasher and started taking tables that year.  I’ve waited tables for a long time.”

Back then, was this even a consideration, that you at one point would be an owner of this restaurant that has been here for 75 years?

DK Golden: “No, no, no, not at that time.  I was just working to raise my son.”

And the years just kind of went by, and you went up in the ranks, you learned the business, and now you’re here. You’ve outfitted your restaurant with memories and pictures of the people that have been here and impacted you.

DK Golden: “I wanted character, and one way to get the character in your restaurant is the customers. Each picture on this wall is some special occasion that has been memorable to me.  My grandson’s picture is on the wall.  Special Memories!”

So you mentioned that your grandson works here.

DK Golden: “He likes to make extra money so he busses tables on Friday and Saturday night.  Not every week, but helping the girls bus tables.”

Do you think your family will continue?

DK Golden: “I hope because I’ve always loved Dukes. I’ve always loved the people.  I’ve made wonderful wonderful friends in this place, and they have supported me through this pandemic. I can’t say anything except I love Dukes.”

After spending a few minutes in the kitchen with DK and her staff, look at this amazing lunch she has served us.  This ribeye, absolutely beautiful. We had it cooked for medium.  Really really juicy.  Oh my god, that is an amazing steak.

Now the filet.  Again, hand-cut in the kitchen with DK.  Look at that, absolutely beautiful.  Really tender, really juicy.  Really really good.

And last but not least we have the Genie Sandwich, the name goes all the way back to the very beginning.  We have shaved ribeye, hand-cut onions, banana peppers, and the toasted roll.  Not the biggest bite, but here we go.  And the peppers give it a bit of tanginess.  Very good.

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