American Rescue Plan funding to go towards getting students back on track since the pandemic

Published: Jul. 30, 2021 at 6:02 PM EDT
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CLARKSBURG, W.Va (WDTV) - After congress passed the American Rescue Plan back in March, public schools are receiving a historic amount of money to use after the effects of the pandemic are still playing a role in education.

Approximately $123 billion dollars are reserved for public k-12 schools across the country through the American Rescue Plan.

This, after the pandemic turned the world of education upside down, affecting many students’ learning abilities and pushing them behind.

“Really this money is affording us the opportunity to try to get our students caught back up to where they were at prior covid. That’s our goal, and I want to try and be as normal as possible,” Harrison County Superintendent, Dora Stutler said.

Now with the focus being on moving forward, the over 28 million dollars Harrison County has been awarded through the rescue plan will span over the next three years, providing interventions, repeating summer programs, tutoring and making sure schools can still operate if another surge in the pandemic were to hit.

“Sixty percent of that money has to be looking at air quality in our schools. HVAC, anything to do with ionization, that’s a big piece of it and the second piece is learning loss,” Stutler said.

More than 97% of educators nationally reported seeing some learning loss in their students over the past year when compared with children in previous years according to a report by Horace Mann, and with the Delta variant being seen more across the country, Stutler said cleaning procedures will remain in effect and they are prepared to take any safety measures needed, but they’re hoping for the sake of the students, they can return back to normal.

“Ultimately it’s about getting our kids back in school, we want them in person, we want them to be there, and we want them to be safe while they’re there, and our staff as well,” she said.

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