City of Clarksburg beefing up security

Published: Jul. 30, 2021 at 1:33 AM EDT
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CLARKSBURG, W.Va (WDTV) - The city of Clarksburg is upping security ahead of its festivals in the coming months.

Police say getting security cameras in certain areas has been an idea for a while.

Clarksburg Police Chief Mark Kiddy says six security cameras have been installed in the city since May.

Four of them were placed in Jackson Square in preparation for multiple upcoming festivals.

“With the security cameras to put into the community, we decided during the time to install them at the Jackson Square since all the festivals are going to be in that area, use them there,” said Chief Kiddy.

He says the cameras are useful if any sort of crime, especially violent crime occurs in the area.

“We can go back and review the cameras and possibly find a suspect vehicle that was coming to the scene or fleeing the scene, possible pick up a license plate number...type of vehicle, who was with them,” said the chief.

Chief kiddy says the cameras have already helped in a few investigations.

“It has helped in tracking some people moving through a couple neighbors that we’ve had some issues with, we’ve been able to follow them through town and see their travels and they’ve assisted in a couple cases already.

With this added security measure, the chief says safety is his top priority.

“People need to feel safe when they come to Clarksburg, to one of the festivals.”

In addition to using these cameras, the chief says extra officers will also be on duty for the festivals.

“I’m hoping everything will go 100% smoothly.”

Once the festivals are completed, Chief kiddy says the cameras will be relocated throughout the community.

The department also plans on purchasing a few more cameras in the future.

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