Teachers prepare for student’s return to classroom during pandemic

Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 5:19 PM EDT
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W.Va (WDTV) - This time one year ago, teachers were loading up assignments online, but this year, they’re preparing to welcome students back into the classroom.

COVID-19 cases continue to increase and teachers say in a time of uncertainty, one thing is for certain-- they are ready to welcome back students.

Teacher at Johnson Elementary School Amy Reinhart says, “I’m looking forward to the normality of a school year. Having students here every day, normal schedule, it will be great.”

As most counties are enforcing masks for all grade levels, teachers say that is much less of a challenge to deal with compared to what they faced last year-- especially for Mallory Pritchard who began her teaching career during the pandemic and says it’s all she knows. “Not everyone goes to college to be a teacher and expects to be teaching during a pandemic,” explained Pritchard. “They were all at home working, we would have to get up super early and put all of our assignments on the Schoology page and make sure everybody can get access to that, you know some kids don’t have access to internet, so that was also a struggle as well.”

Other teachers are already facing the reality of seeing students again for the first time, and they say students are enjoying being back. “The thing I think I find to is the learning process is better for them, there tends to be a relaxation, the tensions are not there like they were for last year,” says Upshur County math teacher Michael Wilson.

Reinhart continues, “Some of them just need that smile each day and a hug and I’m very excited that we can do that now with a mask, but that’s okay.”

As some counties have already begun the fall semester, Harrison County’s first day of school will be August 30.

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