Student athlete and parent speak on Preston County switch to remote; putting a pause on in-person learning and extracurriculars

Published: Sep. 15, 2021 at 6:55 PM EDT
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PRESTON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - Preston County made an overnight switch to remote learning after having about 1000 students absent, with many of those absences in relation to covid.

“For now it’s the decision we have to make, the superintendent, Stephen Wotring said in a YouTube video announcement on Monday.

For eighth grader, Samantha Sisler, this sudden pause on face-to-face interaction with teachers and peers has been difficult to accept.

“It’s been honestly really stressful, and I know all the kids in my school--we hate it, we absolutely hate it. We learn better when we’re in school, it would do more,” she said.

Apart from school, the move to remote learning also affects upcoming sporting events. Samantha plays volleyball for Terra Alta/East Preston School and says her first game would have been on Monday.

“We had a bunch of games coming up and they all got canceled or rescheduled because now we have to quarantine, and I absolutely hate that.”

As Samantha’s mother, Jessica Sisler sees the challenge her daughter faces from being out of the classroom and off the court.

“It’s kind of hard to individualize attention to one kid, and on the court she’s missing out on exercise, the camaraderie, being a team player, things like that,” Jessica said.

However, even during the difficult time, they are prepared to do whatever needs to be done to remain safe.

“If they think after two weeks that we need to be out longer, then that’s what we have to do. I’m not going to force it and say, ‘hey I want my kid back in school,’ we all want that, that’s the end result, but if we’re not ready for that, don’t force something, then it puts us three times further back than what we already are,” Jessica said.

This change to remote learning is expected to last for two weeks, until September 27.

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