Clarksburg Water Board announces a $400,000 donation

Published: Sep. 24, 2021 at 6:54 PM EDT
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - A crowd ranging from state and local leaders gathered for the announcement.

The check was presented in front of the Clarksburg Water Board.

“...and I want everyone to know how much these funds really mean. We were had to cut a lot out of our budget,” said President of the Clarksburg Water Board Paul Howe.

The funds come from Governor Justice and Congressman David McKinley.

Howe says the donation will help in providing alternate water sources to customers.

The board has already spent $350,000 on that alone.

“It’s tremendous I mean the struggles we’ve had with the EPA and our lead lines really impacted our budget tremendously,” said Howe. “We’re in a fortunate position where we can move some funds around, but you know there’s a lot of expenses ahead.”

The board also announced that the Environmental Protection Agency is offering free drinking water sampling to customers as part of the ongoing effort to identify and remove old lead service lines in the area.

Howe says the donation is important in helping meet the needs of the EPA.

“We want to put people’s minds at easy so they know what may or may not be in their lines. Right now it looks like a small percentage of people are effected but we are going to be diligent and identifying those and treating that system,” said Howe.

The water board ended by recognizing agencies such as the fire department and national guard in lead response efforts.

“We have great community support here. People are volunteering to jump on board to help us, it really means a lot,” said Howe.

The funds will also allow for the city to use water testing equipment to provide prompt water testing results to the water board.

This sampling effort is a partnership between the EPA and the water board. The EPA will be working with a research contractor called Batelle to complete the sampling.

Water board customers may receive a phone call from Batelle over the next few weeks. The call will come from a 614 area code and will give instructions on how to participate. Batelle will come to the homes of customers who agree to participate. You can reach out for water sampling hotline at (304) 423-7952.

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