Off-duty officer, his dog save neighbor from dog attack

Published: Sep. 26, 2021 at 2:01 AM EDT
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FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV) - A Missouri woman is recovering from injuries after a dog attacked her right outside her home. Her neighbor, a police officer, heard the attack and called in his own dog for backup.

Katherine Rose is grateful to be alive after a gruesome dog attack Wednesday afternoon in Ferguson, Missouri. She was attacked by a neighbor’s dog outside her own home.

“I’m trying to stay strong, but it’s so hard,” she said. “My finger is ate up so bad. It’s deep down, close to the bone, to where I have to go to a surgeon.”

Rose screamed for her life as the dog hung onto her arm. Luckily, her screaming woke her neighbor and off-duty Ferguson officer, Drew Canaday, who sprang into action.

“I go running out the door, and by the time I got to her, her son Reggie had a broom, and he’s trying to hit the dog. I didn’t feel safe discharging my weapon with her arm in this dog’s mouth,” Canaday said.

So, the officer had Ozzie, his pet Czechoslovakian shepherd dog, take over the rescue.

“I came back to my front door, said, ‘Ozzie, get him,’ and he knew exactly what to do. He went straight for that dog, and he hit that dog full force, getting that dog to release her arm,” Canaday said.

Ozzie kept fighting the neighbor’s dog for more than 20 minutes before that dog’s owner came out to try to restrain him. Canaday says the dog bit his owner in the calf in the attempt.

“This dog is super aggressive, and why the door was left open for him to get out, I don’t know,” Canaday said.

While Ozzie sustained serious puncture wounds in the incident, the good boy is recovering well and remains in high spirits. Canaday says the dog is not a K-9 but has been trained to obey commands and defend his home.

Rose is grateful to Canaday and Ozzie for stepping in to help.

“Thank God for Drew, the police officer, to stay next door to me and his dog. His dog saved my life,” she said.

One of the owners of the dog who started the attack says their family is also grateful to Canaday and Ozzie for helping Rose. The family has since put their dog down, due to both the attack and the injuries he sustained.

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