Morgantown/Kingwood branch of NAACP calls for resignation of city attorney after a remark made about a local delegate

Published: Oct. 7, 2021 at 7:25 PM EDT
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WESTOVER, W.Va (WDTV) - A city attorney who used a derogative name when speaking about a Monongalia County delegate is now being asked to resign.

“It was modern day good ol’ boy bullying.”

Delegate Danielle Walker of Monongalia County described the incident that was recorded during a meeting in Westover where the city attorney, Tim Stranko, is heard using a derogative word in reference to Walker.

“I started to listen, I heard my name in the beginning, took some notes and was really really concerned about the alleged things that were being stated in this meeting,” Walker said.

In the recording, Stranko is heard calling Walker an expletive.

Stranko made an expletive comment toward Del. Walker back in September of 2019 and a recording...
Stranko made an expletive comment toward Del. Walker back in September of 2019 and a recording of the comment was released late Sept. 2021.(Veronica Ogbe)

The Morgantown/Kingwood Branch of the NAACP is still calling for Stranko’s resignation. The president of the organization said in a statement,  “I don’t know how the public could feel comfortable about this city leadership if they’re willing to look at people who think differently from them as less than human.”

WDTV reached out to Stranko for a comment and he stated he did not want to give a statement on the matter at this time.

“If you have a partner, daughter, aunties, cousins ,who identify as female, think about that word that was said and the laughter that followed,” Walker said.

Now she is only hoping that change is possible.

“I am disappointed, but I am still standing and I’m still smiling and like it or not I am still serving and Westover is part of my district.”

Many have supported the delegate after the recording was released. West Virginia Working Families created a petition for Stranko’s resignation, while others have been vocal.

Joe Gouzd with the United Steelworkers 8-957 said Walker is the last person that should be referred to as a derogative name. Gouzd stated that he saw firsthand how she cares for others after Walker was at the forefront of helping the over 1500 Mylan Plant employees.

“She had no personal tie to any of them,” he said. “For someone to refer to Delegate Walker as a ‘b’ is nothing more than a stab and a hypocritical statement.”

Stranko has not made any announcement about whether he will or will not resign.

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