Joseph Williams’ Morning Forecast | December 30, 2021

New Year’s Eve will likely be okay, but 2022 will start with plenty of rain!
Published: Dec. 30, 2021 at 7:15 AM EST
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - We saw more rain yesterday night, as another batch of moisture riding along a frontal boundary pushed into our area. This morning, it left our area, so expect drier conditions this afternoon. This afternoon, skies will be cloudy, with only a few breaks in the clouds. Barring a few sprinkles, however, we should stay dry. Winds will be light, and temperatures will be in the mid-to-upper-50s. Overnight, we stay dry, and skies remain cloudy. Winds will remain light, with lows in the mild mid-40s. Overall, today will be cloudy but mild. Tomorrow afternoon, on New Year’s Eve, skies will be cloudy, with not much sunshine. We do, however, stay dry. Winds will be light, with highs in the upper-50s. Overall, the afternoon will be nice. However, during the late-evening hours into the start of the new year, a strong low-pressure system pushes into NCWV. The system brings rain throughout the day, especially in the morning and afternoon hours. We will see some rain stick around until the late-evening hours, however, so the new year starts with soggy weather conditions. We’ll likely see well over 1.5″ of rainfall in many locations, which could result in slick roads and even some incidents of isolated flooding. So we will be watching this carefully. Most of the rain will be gone by Sunday afternoon, but any leftover moisture could transition to snow as temperatures drop into the 20s. So we will see some light snow on Sunday night, especially in the mountains. Combined with any leftover water turning into ice on the roads, this could mean a slick commute on Monday morning, so be careful when traveling. Thereafter, the first half of next week will bring highs in the low-40s and mostly sunny skies. In short, today and New Year’s Eve will be warm and calm, and the new year starts with rain pushing in.

Today: Barring a few sprinkles, we should be mostly dry, but it will be a cloudy day. Winds will come from the SSW at 5-10 mph, and temperatures will be in the upper-50s, well above-average for late-December. Overall, a warm, cloudy day. High: 58.

Tonight: Skies will be cloudy, with light winds. Temperatures will be in the mid-40s, well above-average in terms of low temperatures. Overall, a mild, cloudy night. Low: 43.

Friday: Skies will be mostly cloudy, but we stay dry. Winds will be breezy, coming from the SW at 10-15 mph. Temperatures will be in the low-60s, well above-average for this time of year. Overall, tomorrow will, once again, be warm and cloudy. Overnight, we see rain pushing in from the west. High: 63.

Saturday: Periodic, steady rain throughout the day, with some areas seeing heavier rain at times. We’ll likely see over 2″ in some areas, which could mean slick roads and even patches of isolated flooding, so we’ll be watching carefully. Barring that, expect cloudy skies and light south winds of 5-10 mph. Temperatures will be in the upper-50s to low-60s. Overall, it will be a rainy day, so be careful traveling on New Year’s Day. High: 60.

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