February Jefferson Award winner: Tom Mellott

Published: Feb. 24, 2022 at 1:56 PM EST
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Once a month, WDTV and Antero Resources award one deserving community member with a Jefferson Award. For the month of February, we’re honoring Tom Mellott.

Every high school sports program has dedicated volunteers behind the scenes that donate their time and talents to help the young athletes succeed.

In Bridgeport one of those important people is Tom Mellott.

Tom helps out Bridgeport Middle and Bridgeport High Schools with everything from yearbook photos...to organizing fundraisers...to even fixing the popcorn machine in the concession stand.

For his efforts, Tom has been named this month’s Jefferson Award winner.

He was surprised by the honor.

“I wasn’t even thinking about that,” Tom said. “I’ve been doing this for so long, like 25 years in the city of Bridgeport, it was a shock to my system. But, I’m very appreciative.”

Tom’s efforts have not gone unnoticed by the principals at both Bridgeport Middle and Bridgeport High Schools.

David Mazza: A lot of people just do not understand how important a boosters program is for any school,” said David Mazza, Principal of Bridgeport Middle School. “Tom has always kept it organized. Has always kept money coming in. He knew who to contact. We’ve just always had a very organized boosters program. That has everything to do with Tom Mellott.”

Matt DeMotto: He’s a big part of our All-Sports Boosters,” said Matt DeMotto, Principal of Bridgeport High School. “It raises money that goes back to our kids, goes back to our student-athletes. All of the signs that you see out in front of our school, in front of the stadium, somebody’s got to do that. That’s a lot of work to put together, to get them hung, to stay on top of it, to bill it. Tom does all of that for us. It’s a job unto itself and Tom does it because he loves the school.”

Tom says the willingness of the community to get involved in volunteering is important...

“It’s something I love to do,” Tom said. “I love working with the kids and the people in the Bridgeport community. I’ve got a lot of help. Lot of help. I’m not doing this by myself, believe me. I’ve got a lot of good people behind us. It makes a big difference when you’re trying to put some of these things together.”

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