Sunday Sit Down: Glenville State’s Deondre Crudup

Crudup breaks down the transition from high school to collegiate athletics
Published: May. 15, 2022 at 7:09 PM EDT
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - Every week we see high school athletes sign to continue their sport at the next level, but what are they really getting into, what can they expect, and how can they prepare?

Glenville State Football and Morgantown High School alum Deondre Crudup joins this week’s sit down to talk about the transition he went through last year, going from high school to college football.

Crudup gives an overview of the athlete and academic side of being a Pioneer: “We had study hall we had to attend, you have to have a 2.0 to continue to play, stay eligible, on the football side of things... I tell everybody when I talk to them back here, it’s super humbling because when you’re in high school you come from being a senior, helping people put and then you get to college and you gotta refresh, and then you’re a freshman having seniors who are 23, 24 years old, helping you out.”

Attitude and mindset also plays a big role, “As far as attitude, you gotta be positive because like I said, you’re coming in being a guy, you’re like the top guy at you’re high school, and it’s super humbling because you come in and you’re not that guy anymore, as far as attitude I would say keep your head held high, your chance is gonna come always, you just gotta continue to work hard,” said Crudup.

Going from being a senior to then a college freshman can be a shock, but having the older guys to look up to is something that Crudup has taken note of, and is a way to see how those finding success are making it happen, “They don’t take plays off, they come out on the field when coach doesn’t ask them top, when everyone else is sitting in the dorms, they’re working out, they take the weight room to a whole other level, they’re maniacs in there, so I would say that, when people aren’t looking, they put in a lot of work.”

Playing at the next level isn’t for everyone, but Crudup knew it was for him, “I would say I listened to myself and also my parents, my parents all my life never really forced sports on me, it was kind of something they told me I either want it or I don’t and I always wanted it, so I pursued it.”

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