Marion County losing funding due to Charter Schools

Updated: May. 31, 2022 at 5:00 PM EDT
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Local schools are going to be seeing some red in their budgets this fall.

Administrators tell us it’s due to students opting for new charter schools.

The Marion County Schools are about to lose a lot of money. The district is set to lose 32 students to charter schools this fall.

Superintendent Donna Hage says, according to projections from the state board of education, the district is going to lose $5,800 per student who leaves.

Hage says that’s 90% of the state aid allowance per student.

“In Marion County, our current projection from the state is 32 students, so that is about $186,000 out of our budget in Marion County that we will need to recover in some other way,” said Hage.

That number however is down from the projection Marion County received this month which was 51 students enrolling in charter schools.

Another thing Marion County will have to factor in is funding for their hope scholarship.

“We had about 33 students who were looking into utilizing the hope scholarship funding. We haven’t received those numbers from the state as well. That could potentially be another $200,000 that we lose in our budget due to the hope scholarship,” said Hage.

Hage says in the last 2 years Marion County has lost approximately 500 students in enrollment.

As to why students are going to charter schools, Hage says parents and students want to explore that option to see if it’s a viable alternative for them.

“It’s a new idea it’s a new concept and it’s something that come with some funding from public school systems. I do think there is a portion of our population that’s looking at that. At the beginning of may it was potentially 50 students that were looking at that option. now are latest numbers from the state have that down to be 32 students,” said Hage.

Marion county isn’t the only county losing funding.

Some other counties are losing significantly more due to projected enrollment in charter schools.

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