South strikes again in this year’s 2022 North-South Football Classic

Over 20 NCWV athletes competed for the pride of the North & the South
Published: Jun. 11, 2022 at 6:27 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, W.Va (WDTV) - To cap off incredible high school careers, athletes from all over West Virginia, through all classes came together this week, leaving behind their high school jerseys, becoming united by the sport they love, rather than the school they play for.

The North-South Football Classic featured over 20 North Central West Virginia Athletes, the majority on the North Bears, and Webster County’s Connor Bell being the sole area athlete representing the South.

The South repeated as champions, winning it 30-13, a game in which they never fell behind. North was able to close the gap to 14-13 at the beginning of the fourth quarter, but two quick possessions for the Cardinals sealed the deal.

Brody Hall excelled at quarterback for the Bears, making him the North MVP. Grafton’s Kaden Delaney and Bridgeport’s Landyn Reppert each brought in a touchdown for the North.

“People told me it was going to be one of the best weeks of my career, and it was even better, I loved every second, love the guys, all of them, made a lot of great friendships like I said, and it was awesome, you know a lot of great players that have played in this game, just grateful to God that I was able to play in it. been a lot fo great people and great players come from the north part of the state, and it’s really just an honor to represent North West Virginia,” said Hall

“It’s just an unforgettable experience, especially getting to spend the last week with two guys that I’ve been playing with since sixth grade or so, so it just makes everything better, plus coming out here, this is an experience that I’ll never forget,” said North Marion’s Tariq Miller.

“Whenever I was told that I was playing in this game, I had several people from my hometown Mannington they came up to me and they say hey we’re coming down whenever you play that game, we’re coming to watch you, so just the fact that people from all over the state that just come to watch this whenever I come from some little Mannington town, it’s just cool to have all these people here and it means a lot that I was able to represent my little town, North Marion, it’s nice and it was a blast to play with Tariq and Brody one last time,” said North Marion’s Kaden Hovatter

“Its an honor, not a lot of, especially from Webster County, not a lot of people get to come down here and do this, so it feels great to be down here,” said Bell.

“You know it sounds crazy but a kid from Martinsburg is the same as a kid from Wheeling Central, same as the kid from Doddridge County, same as the kid from North Marion, they just don’t go to school together and sit in the same classes together so once you got them together and crank on a little music they got the PlayStation out, started playing a little Madden on the PlayStation together, they’ve all the same. A group of 35 guys together with the same goals, the same interests, wanting the same thing, how fast you can come together and love each other, so I would probably say that kind of sums up your week,” said North Head Coach Brian Thomas.

The South may have bragging rights for the next year, but for many, this only wraps a chapter of their athletic career, the best being yet to come as they suit up in collegiate uniforms.

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