Father’s Day reenactment at Kingwood Presbyterian Church

Updated: Jun. 19, 2022 at 5:00 PM EDT
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - The Kingwood Presbyterian Church reenacted the life of Rev. Fletcher Golden. The ‘Father who inspired Father’s Day.’

Rev. D.D. Meighen, who is the Presbyterian Campus Minister at WVU, reenacted the life of Rev. Fletcher Golden, who is the ‘Father that inspired Father’s Day.’

Meighen traced Golden’s life in 4 stages from 1826 to the present. Golden was the father of 11 children.

“I think it’s important to celebrate father’s day because of the context of today that fathers need to be strong influencers within the household. I think the shape of father’s day today is that we also honor men who have fathered children or who are not fathers but in the same way but do help to father children,” said Meighen

Meighen says Golden’s life was based on two scriptures.

“One was about not being idle and one was about moving forward. His concept was he never was an idle person having served in both governments in the military and as a preacher. He always was moving forward doing something else that would benefit the people and humanity,” said Meighen

Meighen goes on to explain how father’s day originated.

“Father’s Day started because of the Monongah Mine disaster on December 6, 1907, after that Fletcher Golden’s daughter Grace Golden Clayton thought it would be very important to have a day that would honor Father’s Day. Basically, for those who have been killed including brothers and grandfathers, so she suggested through her minister that a day be set aside and it was July 5, 1908, which was the Sunday closest to her dad’s birthday, " said Meighen

This is the first time the Kingwood Presbyterian Church has heard the Father’s Day story.

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