Clarksburg stores find ‘loophole’ in ordinance to sell drug paraphernalia

Clarksburg stores find loophole in ordinance to sell drug paraphernalia
Clarksburg stores find loophole in ordinance to sell drug paraphernalia(WDTV)
Published: Jun. 30, 2022 at 6:13 PM EDT
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - There’s a controversy with glass smoking pipes being sold in Clarksburg. Now a city councilman is calling businesses out.

As we first told you back in April, the city of Clarksburg adopted a state ordinance prohibiting the sale of pipes that can be used to smoke meth. However, some businesses have been selling the pipes despite the ordinance.

Clarksburg City Councilman Gary Keith took to social media calling for a boycott of these businesses. He says they’re exploiting a loophole in the law.

“It’s a weak law and its not written correctly the legislature really needs to take another look at it,” said Keith. “Y’know they may be able to find ways around state law where we cant do anything legally, but we can put them on blast and make it uncomfortable for them.”

Another issue with this ordinance is these stores already have a state license to sell “drug paraphernalia.”

5 news spoke with the owner of the Kompak Store on Broadway, but she declined to be on camera. She says the only reason she’s selling them is because her competitors still are.

Sabrina Flint lives in Clarksburg. She says stores that sell these kinds of pipes aren’t helping the city.

“A dollars a dollar, but look what you’re doing to the people you’re not helping them -- you’re supposed to be a good Samaritan, but don’t enable them in the wrong direction and that’s enabling,” said Flint.

The Kompak Store owner has the products labeled as “tobacco use only.”

But Keith says stores that do this have a larger responsibility to the community.

“A community store that could choose to be a pillar of that community -- its the most important business to that block of town and it just comes down to -- a business has to choose what kind of business they want to be,” said Keith.

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