East Fairmont girls’ basketball cites traveling as being pivotal this three-week period

“Grit and hard work” defines the Bees this summer
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Published: Jul. 1, 2022 at 7:07 PM EDT
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FAIRMONT, W.Va (WDTV) - After a loss to Philip Barbour ended the Bees’ postseason efforts, East Fairmont girls’ basketball returned for the three-week period with a new sense of commitment and elevated plans to get them where every team wants to be this year: Charleston.

The Bees end their three-week period on the heels of a lot of travel, not just around West Virginia, but also out of the state, visiting Tennessee.

The hope being to gain more experience and confidence in winning the close games that didn’t go their way last season.

Along the way of their travels, it allowed the girls to get closer, the amount of travel wasn’t something the Bees have experience before, and it certainly seems to already be playing to their benefit as the team emphasized the better communication and mental toughness this year’s squad has shown this summer.

“The grit and the hard work and the effort that everyone puts out every game, everyone is giving the upmost effort every time they step out on the court and I think the experience we gained through playing is really going to shine, everyone’s dedicated, everyone works hard all the time, there’s 10, 11 girls in the gym weekly, no one takes days off,” said Kenly Rogers.

“The hard work an dedication probably, we are all basically on the same page, this season is gonna be hard but we are going to leave a bunch of tears and sweat on the court, we aren’t gonna give up,” said Morgan Cochran.

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