Union steelworkers nearing second month of lockout with Collins Aerospace

The USW station just outside of Collins Aerospace in Monroe County has continued to grow since...
The USW station just outside of Collins Aerospace in Monroe County has continued to grow since it was set-up nearly two months ago.(WVVA)
Published: Jul. 10, 2022 at 6:16 PM EDT
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UNION, W.Va. (WVVA) - More than 240 steelworkers in Monroe County remained locked out of their jobs with Collins Aerospace on Friday, as the union workers neared the two-month mark of failed contract negotiations.

“It’s only brought us closer together as a union,” said Lisa Wilson.

Spirits remained high on Friday however, as workers on the picket line said they have no plans of calling it quits.

“Too far, too long,” said Brian Morrison. “There ain’t no way we’re doing that.”

“There’s no way we’re doing that,” said Wilson. “We’re not going to back down now.”

Cody Reed, another union steelworker, said previous offers from Collins Aerospace showed an hourly raise of less than 25 cents an hour. He and other workers said such a raise wouldn’t even cover a rapidly inflating cost of living.

“They’re not negotiating,” said Reed. “They’re saying ‘this is what we got, take it or leave it. Go get your guys to vote on it.’ And they’re not listening to us or our committee at all.”

Collins Aerospace’s parent company is Raytheon Technologies -- a multinational aerospace and defense conglomerate which saw a 3% increase in sales since 2021, according to the company’s website.

Even as Collins has brought in out-of-town replacement workers however, spirits remained high on the picket line on Friday.

“I’ve seen the results of the other companies that have stepped up,” said Wilson. “They have benefited from standing together and saying ‘enough is enough,’ and I think if we stand together and hold out for a little bit longer, we’ll come out of this okay.”

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