Sunday Sit Down: AB Head Athletic Trainer Rachel Lamb

Lamb breaks down being an athletic trainer at the collegiate level
Published: Jul. 17, 2022 at 7:49 PM EDT
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PHILLIPI, W.Va (WDTV) - Alderson Broaddus Head Athletic Trainer Rachel Lamb joins this week’s sit down to chat about being an athletic trainer at the collegiate level.

Lamb gives us an overview of what her day to day is like with the Battlers, and her favorite part of the job, “Probably the relationships that you build with the student athletes I know everyone says that but its so true you get to know them not just as a student athlete but as a whole person and knowing what going on is their life is really fun.”

Lamb also lays out some of the differences between a high school athletic trainer, versus at the collegiate level, “At the high school level, the athletic trainers they have so much work on their plate there it just be one of them or two of them in the athletic department and they are covering all the sports so here were lucky to have five athletic trainers full time on staff so it helps manage the work load but I think the importance of athletic trainers in the high school setting needs to be recognized a little more.”

AB is grateful to have a fully staffed athletic training department, allowing them to give more attention to all sports, “We get to work more closely with the athletic teams that we are assigned to. You can get more familiar with the treatment and rehabilitation. We have a better understanding. Like baseball, it’s a lot of upper body. You get more into that area of our job,” said Lamb.

For freshman making the transition from high school to collegiate athletics, the relationship with an athletic trainer may be different than what they were used to, or a new concept all together for those who didn’t have one in high school, “Your athletic trainer is there for you, to advocate for you. Get close to them so that they can help you translate to that setting. We are your biggest advocate and fan, too,” said Lamb.

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