Fiancée of man killed in Raleigh County officer involved shooting says his actions were a result of unmanaged mental health issues

Matthew Scott Jones, 36
Matthew Scott Jones, 36(WVVA)
Published: Jul. 26, 2022 at 3:53 PM EDT
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RALEIGH COUNTY, W.Va. (WVVA) - Earlier this month, WVVA brought you the story of a man shot and killed by police on a busy highway in Raleigh County. The man was identified as 36-year-old Matthew Scott Jones of Culpepper, Virginia. Jones had an extensive criminal history, but WVVA recently spoke with his fiancée, Dreamer Marquis, who says his death was a result of unmanaged mental health issues.

“Matt did have a criminal history, but that did not define the person that he was,” Marquis shared. “He was a very genuine and kind man. You know, he just- he was struggling with a lot, and he had a lot of demons that he couldn’t handle.”

According to Marquis, she and Jones met in 2017 and became engaged last year. She says her fiancé struggled with anxiety, depression, severe Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)- all stemming from a traumatic childhood that left him in mental facilities throughout his youth and then prison as he transitioned into adulthood. When he was last released from prison in April of 2022, Marquis says it was with an insufficient amount of medication.

“That’s when his mental state started deteriorating, and he started becoming very suicidal, and I tried to get him help, but when he was in the delusional state, he thought I was against him instead of with him,” she shared. “He did definitely struggle with depression and mental illness, and that morning of the sixth, he was erratic.

“He was not himself, and he was hearing things, he was seeing things, hallucinating, and I think he was pretty much done.”

Marquis says Jones’ story is a tragedy, an example of what can happen if those struggling with mental health do not have access to the help they need.

“I just wish that everyone would just take a moment and think about if this were their family member or someone that has been asking for help for a very long time, and, you know, people do things that they do not mean. People do things that they regret every single day, and Matthew was one of those people, but he had a heart of gold, and he never ever ever meant to hurt anyone, and he never meant to scare anyone. He just needed help, and our system failed him, and now he’s gone.”

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