23-year veteran of the US Drug Enforcement Administration, Joe Piersante speaks to PB football

“There’s always a new day”
Power outages reach day 12 for many
Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 10:16 PM EDT
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Joe Piersante visited Philippi this evening to talk with the Philip Barbour football team about mindset, attitude, outlook on life and letting go of the uncontrollable.

Piersante is a 23-year veteran of the US Drug Enforcement Administration, while serving on a counter narcotic mission in Afghanistan, Piersante survived a Taliban sniper round through the frontal lobe, leaving him blind.

While there were times in his life he questioned it, his time on earth isn’t done, and part of the reason he feels he survived is to travel around speaking and sharing his story, sharing how to overcome adversity.

Piersante is the first blind IFBB World Champion body builder and impressed the Colts by sharing he’s benched 540 pounds in competition.

He lives life to the fullest, hunting bears, gators, deer, skydiving and any other adventure that he wants to accomplish, encouraging others to go after what they’ve never done before as well.

One of his biggest messages was to never quit, even though life gets you down, just stay in there because there’s always a new day, making it through a night wakes you up to a fresh tomorrow.

“You can’t take life for guaranteed because things can change in second, you never know. I used to get worked up over little things and I learned don’t sweat the small stuff, just never give up never quit, tomorrow is a new day, life is gonna throw you a lot of bad tings, you know just don’t hide in a corner don’t give up on things, keep going, things can always get better,” said Piersante.

“If we can change one kids life, help out one kid then all the effort that we do is worth it, Coach Nick is doing great things with these students, you know he’s instilling character in these kids, and teaching them vales, a whole lot more than the x’s and o’s and its’ visible within the community,” said Bernie Corley, VFW Post 410 Commander.

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