Valley football working to get back to their roots of success

A 2-8 season last year doesn’t reflect the growth of the Lumberjacks
Power outages reach day 12 for many
Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 10:28 PM EDT
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PINE GROVE, W.Va (WDTV) - A 2-8 2021 season doesn’t reflect the true growth of Valley football.

“We just keep getting beat over and over again and this year the seniors are like no this ain’t gonna happen, and I feel like well if there’s a year to do it, this is the year we go to the playoffs,” said Senior WR Triston Bates.

With the offensive line at the core of this team, nine starters returning on both offense and defense is growing a different kind of confidence backed by a simple expectation.

“I just expect them to be here on time and give me everything you have, I told them in there, you come, and you do your work and get out of here you know well have a little fun while we’re doing it but just come and do your job,” said Head Coach Logan Miller.

The motivation is fueled by what Valley football was built on by those who came before them, and recognizing the possible potential this year could bring.

“We really cultivated a culture where were all getting better constantly and were moving move towards bringing valley football back to that prominence, were going to get back to that prominence I promise you, we’re gonna get back there and it’s all about proving everybody else wrong which I believe we have a pretty good history of doing,” said Senior OL/DL David Brown

“My dad played on that team, he’s a coach, and he just tells me about tit, that everybody loved to come good and watch, how good they were, always winning they ever won a state championship but they were always winning and I just wanna feel what that feels like,” said Sophomore QB Gavin Derby.

That prominence has been instilled in members of the team since they were young

“I remember when I was even little when we were still knocking on the door to that level of prominence, the first home game would come, you’d see cars from across that road clear down to post office,” said Brown.

With athleticism, experience and reliability on their side, the Lumberjacks are looking to ignite change in Valley football for years to come.

“Making sure that the jersey I wear on the field is in a better place than I left it so we can see that pedigree of football out here be at a new standard, likes of what we haven’t seen in 30-40 years,” said Brown.

For the Lumberjacks, the time is now, “I just think they’re ready,” said Miller.

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