Mental toughness is key for University football

Complacency is not an option after the Hawks’ 2021 undefeated regular season
Power outages reach day 12 for many
Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 7:28 PM EDT
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - While the players come and go, one aspect of University football remains the same year in and year out.

“I think what most defines us is our definitely our mental toughness for sure you cant be mentally weak you can’t give up , you cant give up a rep, you just can’t,” said senior Jake Croston.

“We’re hard don’t them I mean you know we love them we love them everyday but I mean were hard on them, we have high expectation, you know what they love it, they absurd it and then they push it onto the others kids and I think we do have good mental toughness, we’ve always had good mental toughness, I love the kids of university high, they’re mentally and physically tough and that’s why we have a great deal of success,” said head coach John Kelley.

As the Hawks work to fall into place and build chemistry, it’s that mental toughness they feel will carry them through to where University football wants to be.

“When you go own especially in a playoff games, tits really tough to come out of there, so really like dig it in in the second half of games, that’s when were gonna win those games is in the second half,” said senior Gavin Powroznik.

UHS will be relying on their line and a pretty strong running back situation this year, they’re an experienced bunch that aren’t as deep as they were last season, but leaving their undefeated 2021 season in the rearview mirror and in turn eliminating any complacency is one of the best parts for head coach John Kelley.

“Every team rebuilds and I mean that’s the fun of coaching, if I lined up every year and had a great team who was gonna be 10 and 0, I don’t know if it’d be enjoyable,” said Kelley.

Last year’s run to the state quarterfinals did build confidence and continue the standard of the Hawks, “Well this year is my final year and coming off a year like last year, high expectations,” said senior Jaedan Hammack.

But to get back there, it’s gonna take some new names, “We got kids right now that right now people look at our roster and people don’t even know who they are, hopefully by the third or fourth game, people are gonna know who they are,” said Kelley.

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