Robert C. Byrd football is built on family

Byrd is built different this season, and working to mold the pieces together
Power outages reach day 12 for many
Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 8:41 PM EDT
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CLARKSBURG, W.Va (WDTV) - Family is the basis of RCB football.

“We try to run this program, everybody matters, its more than just about football here,” said Head Coach Josh Gorrell.

Backed by coaches that have made undeniable impact, “Coaches love us, they want to push us, see us succeed, they want to prepare us for life, more than anything,” said senior Wyatt Minor.

And built on that base is a new year, a new era for the flying eagles, one that will focus more on the passing game, “I think it is going to help us a lot because people don’t see it a lot, its gonna be very different for them to get adjusted to,” said senior Nick George, that pass game will be facilitated by George, “Anytime you got a guy coming back when he gets in the huddle, he takes command, he takes control, he settles guys down, hey quiet, pay attention, leadership the knowledge that he has translates over,” said Gorrell.

A strong offensive line is the backbone the places confidence in what’s to come this fall, “I think we got the team to do it this year, I think everything is gong to come together in time, I just think this is the year to do it,” said Minor

As Gorrell put it, they don’t have it all figured out, they’ve got depth in their wide receivers but will have to rework the run game in order to find themselves in the playoffs. With culture and experience, they’ll be just fine.

“This year we’re built different you have to take the kids that we have and mold them into what we can do,” said Gorrell.

Success this season will fall on the lead of the seniors, but they have solid ground to start with, “Everyone wants to be here you know they just want to get to work and love each other and they want the ring, they want to put in the work to get it done,” said Minor.

“All these kids that we have out there running around, they truly love being here and that’s what’s gonna take us,” said Gorrell.

It ill take meshing the right pieces of the puzzle to put Byrd’s seniors in their history books, “Get to spend time with all my boys, its my senior year so its a good way to wrap it up,” said Braylon Hilliard.

“The last year of football, gotta go out meaning something,” said George.

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