WVU revives Dollars for Disaster to help Kentucky neighbors

Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 10:07 PM EDT
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - In 2005 West Virginia University students created a group that serves as a hub to assist those dealing with natural disasters.

The last time this group was active was in 2016, during the devastating West Virginia flooding.

“They really wanted to have the opportunity to do something collective for disasters that happen around the world and especially maybe even locally around us,” Kristi Wood-Turner, Assistant Dean of Community Engagement with WVU Extension College, explained why this started.

She told 5 News that people from WVU’s Beckley campus wanted to restart the Dollars for Disaster initiative. WVU students wanted to help their Kentucky neighbors that had been hit by the floods.

“Kindness is the way to go. We need to make sure that we’re supporting not only West Virginians, but our neighbors and those who need help. If we have the ability to help. We want to be there,” Wood-Turner added.

She said the best way to assist was by visiting the Dollars for Disaster website, where there were resources for people to donate money, time or resources to help Kentucky.

Any WVU student affected by a natural disaster was eligible for a special fund through Dollars for Disaster. This emergency funding could also be distributed for other financial hardships that were at no fault of the student or their family.

“We don’t only just have students here. We have extended families here. Learning is not just a process that happens in the classroom. It happens throughout and in your community. When something like this happens to your community, it really does devastate a lot of your life. In a lot of different areas,” Wood-Turner said.

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