East Fairmont football’s drive fueled by their seniors, taste of success and coach staff

Bees looking to be on the other side of the cusp in this year’s postseason
Power outages reach day 12 for many
Published: Aug. 9, 2022 at 10:52 PM EDT
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FAIRMONT, W.Va (WDTV) - East Fairmont football has seen the postseason just three times in program history. After being in the mix until the final week last season, the team of Bees football is ready to add one more tally to the record books

“Overall practice has been a lot more intense this year, more serious, were focused on o0ur goals and we plan to achieve them this year in a physical and upbeat pace,” said senior Vaughn Frederick.

The change lies in the success the Bees got a taste of last fall, “This years junior and seniors I think being on the cusp and understanding how close they were, and they’ve come along ways but still not where they wanted to be so I think that’ll help them kid of drive this offseason, we’re had guys working out and doing the right thing since December,” said Head Coach Shane Eakle.

Their seniors, “A lot more determined than they’ve ever been, we’re doing a good job leading by example and Coach Eakle has done a good job of driving that home to us,” said Frederick

And Coach Eakle leading the team as one cohesive unit, “Everyone makes a difference I mean coach Eakle, he’s a great coach, he’s perfect,” said senior Tyler Parrish.

The team is starting to see the pieces fall into place, having strength up front, a strong safety, getting down to business quicker because of a better understanding of their assignments and an experienced quarterback to pull it all together, “I’m more comfortable with wide receivers, the connection, the history, the chemistry is all there,” said Ian Crookshanks

Coach Eakle has instilled a mindset into the players that has been carrying them through to a more connected, physical and determined team, “The fact that kids are really pushing that the one more, we tell kids speak with your actions and that’s been a big thing for us, is them working with each other and holding each other accountable and I think when they start doing that, then we got a chance,” said Eakle.

With increased focus, larger numbers and solid experience, the Bees are looking to send their seniors out with a season to remember.

“It really made me appreciate every practice, you know none of them can go to waste because I know I don’t get another one after that,” said Frederick.

“It’s definitely shown me brotherhood, to not give up, definitely shown me to take every moment and cherish that moment,” said Alex Culp.

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