Youthful Ritchie Co. football team returns following state title win

Rebels building a different team this season
Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 12:07 PM EDT
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RITCHIE COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - After the first ever state champion crown for Ritchie County football, the rebels bring back a new squad fueled by success of last season and experience in crucial areas but building a different team this season.

“I think it is almost to the point now where we just have to put that year behind us. We’re a new team, and we just have to step in each Friday night and do our thing.”

While they can’t bask in their state title success forever, the past writes the present for the younger players who saw what could be.

“For them, watching us go through the process even though they may not have played a lot last year, I think it’s a confidence thing.”

There are a lot of younger players this year suiting up for the Rebels, but youth can be a positive. It’s all about getting to know them, their abilities and patience as the coaching staff and experienced players guide them to where they need to be.

“Realize what it means or how they’re going to have to step up and play at that level, so I just feel like we’re really pushing hard right now.”

Sometimes, you have to take a step back to take two steps forward. The Rebels may be slowing down right now while they look for the right fit to replace their line and working on the learning curve, but those two steps forward may be closer than you think with a four year starter at quarterback.

“I think last year we worked really hard, and then this season, I think we’re working just has hard if not harder because we won it last year. So we’re like ‘Oh, okay. Let’s work even harder to get back there this year.’”

With solid number and confidence from last season, Ritchie County is ready to just play their game and meet the standard that is now set.

“Now that we just won the state championship, it’s pretty high now. It’s more expectations of wins.”

“I’d say for us, for me, I’m still setting out expectations pretty high. I see these guys over there working hard, and they want to be good, so I’m setting out expectations high.

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