South Harrison Football Preview

Seniors make up nearly 50% of the Hawks’ roster
Power outages reach day 12 for many
Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 8:56 PM EDT
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LOST CREEK, W.Va (WDTV) - Nearly 50% of the South Harrison football team this year features seniors. With eight starters back on both sides of the ball, they’re ready to build early momentum this fall.

“We cannot beat ourselves that’s the one team we can’t afford to let us beat is ourselves so were focusing on those little thins each and every day and making sure we don’t stab ourselves in the foot,” said Head Coach Brett Hathaway

Capitalizing on the momentum they found in the latter half of the 2021 season, combined with the experience of the seniors, the Hawks feel pretty good about what’s in store.

“I just think were a little bit more polished than we have in years past,” said Hathaway

“All the experience we have I feel like we’ll do great, they show the younger kids how to do stuff, I feel like everybody’s stepping up,” said senior Michael Radcliff.

One of the biggest benefits for South Harrison is now knowing what to expect, they have a three-year starter at quarterback, and seniors all around that have been pulling the young guys along, “A few of those seniors they’re really leading by example well, we want to be a physical team we want to run the ball, we want to play good defense and it starts at the top with those seniors and I think we’re doing a good job with that,” said Hathaway.

That experience and drive to do better this season could be a huge advantage for a team who holds just under 25 guys.

“Kinda gives us a chip on our shoulder to play with, everybody doubts us because how small of a school we are, how many kids we got, but we go out and hit just as hard as any other school,” said senior Caden Davis.

“We’re like a wildcard I guess you could say, come out and do different things, catch you off guard,” said senior Landen Lafferty.

Suited with a solid run game, tight line and working to be more physical defensively, the year is theres to make what they want of it.

“We’re gonna come out we’re gonna hit hard, were gonna move the ball four yards at a time, we’ll beat everybody we face,” said Radcliff.

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