National Poll Worker Recruitment Day aims at increasing the number of workers on election days

Officials say the number of workers continues to decrease
Day of actions aims at helping get poll workers as numbers continue to decrease
Day of actions aims at helping get poll workers as numbers continue to decrease(Alexa Griffey)
Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 4:23 PM EDT
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Tuesday August 16th is National Poll Worker Recruitment Day.

The nationally recognized day of action was designated by the US Election Assistance Commission to help assist poll worker recruitment in communities across the country.

According to a news release West Virginia’s Secretary of State, Mac Warner is asking registered voters to consider becoming poll workers in their home county.

Wood County Clerk Mark Rhodes said that in recent years, voting precincts have been combined to lower the number of poll workers needed due to fewer people coming out to work.

Rhodes said they need a minimum of 305 poll workers.

The political party chairpersons are in charge of appointing workers. Rhodes said they have not submitted their lists yet, so he is unsure how many workers they currently have for the November General Election.

Rhodes said they were short workers last year, with less than 300. This caused county employers from almost every department to go out and work the polls.

Rhodes said without poll workers, we can’t have an election.

“The poll worker is your frontline person. They’re the ones that when you walk through the door. They’re checking your ID to make sure that you’re registered to vote in that precinct, and that you get your correct ballot and that you’re eligible to vote.”

If you would like to work, you can contact the party chairperson.

If you are unsure who the chairperson is, you can contact the Wood County Clerk’s office.

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