Hundred football looks to build foundation with new head coach

Jason Sleeth takes over for the Hornets after establishing middle school program
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Published: Aug. 22, 2022 at 7:20 PM EDT
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HUNDRED, W.Va (WDTV) - Hundred High School had no developmental path for its football players until a few short years ago, and this year, the man who helped bring youth to the football field is now at the helm as head coach of the Hornets.

“You know, Hundred didn’t have any kind of pee wee or middle school football for a long time,” said head coach Jason Sleeth. “We started a program three years ago. Basically started from scratch, right? The first year, we scored one touchdown, but their last year, which was last year, they went undefeated. But it’s also where I graduated, you know, so being the coach here at Hundred high school means a lot to me.”

For coach Sleeth, the wealth of experience brought in from a freshman class does wonders for a team that typically started from scratch.

“It’s nice to have kids that have the basic fundamentals with football once they get to high school,” said coach Sleeth. “For years, I mean, I didn’t have it. It’s a huge advantage.”

With that in mind, senior leaders can focus on creating a bond with his new teammates.

”We got a bunch of new faces. Some of them really don’t know me, but we got a bond building pretty good here,” said senior Everett Johnson. “We’ve got good chemistry. We hang out a lot. We’ve got a lot of new bonds building and that’s pretty good experience.”:

A new coach means a new culture, for this hornets roster, it’s one that wants the most for its players.

“It’s nice. You get the support that you want for your team,” said junior Ayden Britton. “He’s a local guy, so everyone knows him. It’s really nice.”

As the season looks ahead, the future is bright in Hundred, a community best described with one word.

“That’s what makes us a family,” said Britton. “We’re all here for one another. We stay for middle school team games. They come watch us. Sometimes they watch us practice and we watch them practice. It kind of all comes together as a little family.”