Liberty football places toughness at the forefront in 2022

“We get big, hard working, strong kids,” - head coach AJ Harman
Published: Aug. 22, 2022 at 7:36 PM EDT
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CLARKSBURG, W.Va (WDTV) - Liberty football gathered in a huddle to talk about one concept: toughness. It’s at the forefront for the Mountaineers this fall.

“We don’t have flashy kids, and most friday nights, from what I’ve learned - I grew up here and have been part of Liberty for a long time,” said Liberty head coach AJ Harman. “We get big, hard working, strong kids who take pride in the weight room, and we know that’s what we have to be. We’re working toward being better at the little things. Toughness is the key to that.”

The team returns seven seniors this year, and toughness is the lesson that looks to be passed down to the new players.

“Every single play you have to fire out,” said senior Piercon Monroe. “You gotta hit and you gotta go 110 percent every play.”

The season is right around the corner, meaning that scrimmages are a chance to find what needs to be done in the final moments.

“Taking it a day at a time. We learned a lot from that first scrimmage,” said coach Harman. “We know we have to get a lot tougher. I couldn’t be happier with the effort and the attitude and the camaraderie that we have this season. We have to be physical.”

For the senior class, these moments are a chance to take what they’ve learned in the past and use it now that they are on top.

“I started out as a freshman, but I had a lot of good leaders show me what it’s like,” said senior Nicholas Todd. “But now I’m in the big seat and I’m ready to take on the season. You have to always be tough. Never give up on your team or yourself. It’s never a good day when you give up.”

But it’s grit that ties this team together, they’re looking to put it all on the line

“It’s a whole new world,” said Noah Mayers on being a senior. “We know it’s our last year and we have to put everything on the line. If you’re hurt you have to keep playing through. You don’t want to sit the bench in your last year.”