Bridge Sports Complex Athlete of the Week - Fairmont Senior’s Kaelen Armstrong

Armstrong had a hat trick and a slew of assists in a 16-0 win over Philip Barbour
Published: Sep. 7, 2022 at 12:01 AM EDT
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FAIRMONT, W.Va (WDTV) - Soccer is all about scoring right? Well, not necessarily. Kaelen Armstrong, a captain in the midfield for the Fairmont Senior Polar Bears, looks for any chance he can to support his teammates. In Tuesday’s match with Philip Barbour, he did just that. The stats speak for themselves.

“Tonight I had a hat trick. I had a bunch of assists. I thought I played my role pretty well,” said Armstrong. “My favorite part of playing, to be honest, is setting my teammates up. I love passing the ball. It’s one of the most satisfying parts of the game. I get great joy in watching my teammates score.”

Working in the midfield is all about finding the best placement for your teammates. It’s an artform, and Armstrong has mastered that for his team.

“One of my main roles is, obviously, facilitating the ball,” said Armstrong. “I play center midfield. The team basically runs through me. The ball comes from the defenders up to me. I facilitate it to our wingers, our strikers. I try to get the team running and scoring goals.”

Kaelen Armstrong
Kaelen Armstrong(WDTV)

Head coach Darrin Paul calls Kaelen the engine of the offense, and while he takes that to heart, he says the chemistry he has built with his team makes his job that much easier.

“Here on this team at Fairmont Senior, we call ourselves a brotherhood,” said Armstrong. “We’re a family. On the field we play with plenty of chemistry. But off of the field, all of us are really great friends. That really helps us on the field.”

In a 16-0 win, there are always positives to take away, but for Armstrong, he’s looking ahead at the rest of the season.

“We started off a little slow on the offensive end, but picked up as the year goes on,” said Armstrong. “I think we’re destined for greatness this year. Hopefully another state championship.”

And that all starts with intensity in practice, something that boosts this teams confidence, and chemistry.

“In practice, we always have high intensity. We’re always looking for ways to improve,” said Armstrong. “We’re never stagnant. All of our teammates, we’re very supportive, but we’ll also give constructive criticism if someone is doing something wrong. We try to help them. I think that’s something that really helps the team improve as a whole.”