Lifetime begins filming movie in Fairmont

Updated: Sep. 20, 2022 at 5:00 PM EDT
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Lifetime is about to begin filming several movies in our area, including one at a home in Fairmont.

Starting this week, Lifetime Movies will be filming in Fairmont. It’s for one of five movies they will be filming in the area.

One of the movies is being filmed at a house in South Pointe.

The movie is about a wife killing her husband for insurance money. Keith Powell, the homeowner, says it all started with a surprise knock on the door and a phone call.

“Someone had told them about our home locally; I don’t know who it was. They had been shooting and doing different things in north-central West Virginia. Someone told them about our home and they just knocked on our door. The director, producer and an art person. I actually wasn’t home at the time, so they called me, and we met back at the house. They looked at the house, took pictures and all that good stuff.”

Powell says they have put his family in a hotel for a week. He is getting paid but not much. As a business owner, Powell says he decided to let them film in his house because wants to see more industry in West Virginia.

As for filming a movie in his house, he says it’s an interesting experience.

“It’s cool and it’s weird at the same time. We bought the home a few years ago and we completely remodeled it. We are just getting it complete then you have all kinds of filming crew and people in your home. It’s different.”

His family loves the idea of a movie being filmed in their house and can’t wait to watch it. Powell says this gives West Virginia some publicity.