5 Sports Sit Down: Fairmont State Director of Athletics Greg Bamberger

Bamburger: the in’s and out’s of working in collegiate athletics
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Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 10:41 PM EDT
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FAIRMONT, W.Va (WDTV) - Fairmont State Director of Athletics Greg Bamberger joins this week’s 5 Sports Sit Down to break down how he got into his role at FSU, “I started as a college football coach, when I got done playing I got into coaching, I always wanted to be a director of athletics, I had the opportunity to coach ad get a graduate degree and feel in love with coaching, coached for 17 years for 5 different schools, my last stop was actually right down the road at Glenville state college and that’s where I actually where I started my athletic administration career, got two years as a coach, I was able to become an AD in 2002 and that lead me to an opportunity to go to Kutztown University in Pennsylvania for 15 but while I was at Glenville, Fairmont was always a situation and a department that always appealed to me because of the local support and just the emphasis on athletics,” said Bamberger.

Being a coach helped prepare Bamberger for the in’s and out’s of working as a Director of Athletics, “Because of the position I coached, I was an offensive coach, I was an offensive lineman, you now the unsung warriors the guys who do all the hard work and everybody else gets the glory that’s kind of the way I equate it to being in athletic administration, you do the behind the scenes things, make sure the facilities are prepared, make sure, try to have the budgets for people, make sure things are ready to go for gameday, all the behind the scenes work that really helps the coaches and the athletes have success and that’s kind of how it all seems to be the same thing,” said Bamberger.

The support of the community is something that Bamberger has noticed and appreciated, “Well, people come to games, they care, that’s the most important thing they really care which is very good, I have a little phrase I like to use with my coaches and something with a lot of people, I’d much rather say woah than giddy up and that includes our fans and our supporters, they really care a lot and we want to take that and use it to the advantage of our student athletes, they support us finically they support us by coming to games and really that’s all it comes down to, tis important to them that we have a successful athletic program.”

The student-athletes are at the forefront of what makes Bamberger’s job rewarding, “That are student athletes are successful, that our student athletes graduate, that they go on to have successful careers and that hopefully we had a successful weekend winning games and its not all winning and losing but it makes me feel good, but really our students athletes feel they have an opportunity to be successful, that’s really what it comes down to.”