Breaking down WVU’s defense ahead of Virginia Tech

Mountaineers showcased strong performance against Towson
Breaking down WVU's defense ahead of Virginia Tech
Breaking down WVU's defense ahead of Virginia Tech(wdtv)
Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 9:58 PM EDT
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - WVU’s defensive line will be up against running backs as good as anyone they’ve played in Blacksburg, so the impressive wall we saw against Towson will need to continue, and then some.

On Saturday, defensive coordinator Jordan Lesley saw a much improved defense, most notable on alignment, that was the biggest thing that needed to improve and he felt confident in what he saw.

Now, the defense is looking to get more balls on the ground, get hands on more footballs in the air and be aggressive.

The defense was able to see a lot of action in the second half from their younger guys, which just like we saw with the QBs on offense, looked great for what this program can be in a few years.

Lesley said the guys like Jacoby Spells, Mumu Bin-Wahad, Davis Mallinger, they’re doing exactly what they ere recruited to be: athletic and fast. Those flashes of why they’re here showed and Lesley definitely took notice.

While we saw the return of a powerful, staple Mountaineer defense, Lesley saw the same guys on the field, “It’s just playing the way were capable of applying and you guys have heard me say this since the spring, I love this group and I don’t feel any different about them than I did then, I knew where we would have some growing pains, it doesn’t change the fact that I think were more athletic, I think we’re faster, none of that has changed in my opinion of them, still love them, still think about them in the same light as a player,” said Lesley