Bridge Sports Complex Athlete of the Week - Ritchie County’s Jayci Gray

Team defeated University 2-1 last weekend
Published: Sep. 26, 2022 at 7:08 PM EDT
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Ritchie County volleyball has played well together all season. With wins over teams such as University, RCB, St. Mary’s and Roane County, the team has show that it can compete at a high level. Jayci Gray, a junior for the team, says that their success begins with communication.

Jayci Gray
Jayci Gray(WDTV)

“We have a very good bond on our team,” said Gray. “Everyone gets along, that really helps us out. We’ve all played together since middle school. A lot of us play together on club teams, so we know each other well enough to know who’s there and when someone needs help.”

Gray’s impact can be felt from all parts of the floor. To secure the match against University, Gray dug the ball out from the attack and was set up to get the winning kill. She’s a player that can play anywhere, but she started as someone who played primarily in the back row.

“I used to be just back row. I’m fairly short,” said Gray. “Coach puts me at front row, so I’ll hit spots. Usually I tip, because I can’t get over the block, but I’ll do what I can to get us a score.”

That back row was key in the victory over University last weekend, routinely defending harsh attacks and giving Ritchie County second opportunities. For Gray, as someone who rotates to be the attacker, she notes that the team has plenty of playmakers in the defensive phase.

“We have a very scrappy back row,” said Gray. “We have very good passers. Marrisa Jeffrey is one of them. Laci Hilkey, Baylee Butta. They help out. Kila Frymier. We have a strong back row.”

For most teams, the goal at the end of the season is a state championship, but for Gray, and Ritchie County, the goal is to just make sure that their best is always on display.

“I hope that we make it as far as we can,” said Gray. “Have a good record and a good team all around. Create that love.”